Burson Audio

Founded by a small team of audio engineers over 20 years ago, Burson Audio is based in Melbourne, Australia. Their philosophy is simple; the less components interfere with the audio signal the more complete your musical experience. This is the core design philosophy since 1996.


Burson Audio started the sales of their products in 2005 with headphone amplifier’s as the Soloist and Conductor. Their Class A amplifiers have also been high on the wishlist of many head-FI enthousiast. Currently the new Conductor 3XP has hit the shelves and already received much praise from users and professional reviewers. The line of beautiful amps and sources continues to expand, currently with the Soloist 3XP, Playmate on demonstration at various dealers.


Burson Audio, based in Melbourne, Australia, has been in operation for nearly a quarter of a century. Burson prides itself on “quality build, thoughtful circuit design, value for money and elegant, engaging sound.”


Burson’s design philosophy is simple: if the equipment is designed well and transparent enough — and it is — then the pace, rhythm, timing dynamics and tonality becomes a natural expression of the music. Burson feels this can never be achieved with standard circuit building blocks like IC chip op-amps, IC regulators, or even standard transformers. Instead they research and develop customized discrete circuits specifically to suit their applications. The Burson discrete opamps are considered around the world as the gold standard of audio opamps. They are widely adopted and universally loved by audio enthusiasts, recording studios and manufacturers alike.