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Let’s introduce the new line-up from Burson Audio. Most of you will be familiar with the Burson Conductor 3XR reference headphone amp, pre-amp, DAC. This swiss-army knife head-amp has a whopping 7.5w available for the XLR output, 3.75w single ended. With a dual-DAC design built of Sabre ESS9038 and XMOS USB chip for DSD512 . Both the Conductor 3XR and Conductor 3R have 2 RCA inputs available.


The Conductor line-up consists of:
– Conductor 3XR – Dual-DAC, XLR (7.5W) and Single Ended headphone output (3.5W), XLR analog output
– Conductor 3R – Dual DAC – Single Ended headphone output (7.5W), RCA output
– Conductor 3XP – Single DAC, XLR (6W) and Single Ended headphone output (3W)
– Conductor 3P – Single DAC, Single Ended headphone output (4W)


In the same housing as the Conductor, two more products are available. The Soloist 3X is a brilliant powerful headphone amp and pre-amp with analog inputs. The Headphone output is 8W (XLR) and 4W Single Ended. The Composer 3X is a DAC and digital pre-amp and can combined with the Soloist 3X Performance for a seriously good separates setup.


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