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Earmen recently introduced a new reference portable device with tremendous power, high resolution fully balanced DAC and a pre-amp out, which we introduced in this article. The Earmen Angel will be your powerful device to listen to high-resolution music on the go. Built like a tank, using a 2-cell battery, so you do not have to worry about power consumption and looking very smart in blue. Now the first reviews are being published, with Ear Fidelity kicking things off.


Ear Fidelity Review


Pawel from Ear Fidelity has already seen quite some Earmen products for review, so he is well aware of the brands heritage. He is not shy to reveal that he has always been quite a fan of their products, which is probably one of the reasons that he received a review model for the new Angel while he was in Munchen for the High End Show.


Since this was a pre-production model, no unpacking is done in the review and Pawel dives straight into the technical details of the unit. As we mentioned before Angel has quite some power and this 8.5 VRms from the 4.4mm at 119 dB dynamic range for a portable device surprised Pawel as well. The Gain+ option gives the user flexibility when using a sensitive IEM or a power hungry planar headphone. Let’s move towards the review of the sound:


“The bass is hard-hitting, big, saturated, and just extremely tight. Because of that great power output, the Angel is capable of taking full control over the headphones’ driver, resulting in a highly detailed and crispy bass delivery. Low frequencies are big and bold, but there’s no muddiness whatsoever. The Angel is a portable DAC/Amp that truly sounds like a stationary device, with that powerful sound packed with resolution.” 


In this review the Angel is paired with various headphones, from the HiFiMAN RE9 to the Meze Audio Elite and Final Audio D8000 Pro, so certainly not the easiest cans to drive. And last but not least the custom XE6 from FiR Audio and Campfire Audio Supermoon that Pawel owns.  Comparisons are done with the Earmen Colibri and Burson Audio Playmate, with a pretty perfect conclusion:


“Angel sets the bar for me when it comes to portable DAC/Amps under $1000. Its impressive technical performance, neutral sound signature, brilliant build quality, and incredibly vivid, lively sound make me want to use it more and more. It has enough juice for most headphones, yet it’s still great with IEMs. I use it a lot with my MacBook Pro, whether I’m listening to music, video editing, or just consuming content online. If you’re looking for a portable device that sounds like a proper stationary amplifier, the Angel is your guy.”


Read the full review on the website of Ear Fidelity.


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