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The Hifi Rose RA180 boasts one of the most comprehensive feature-sets of any high-end amplifier in the current market, and serves as the ideal partner to their award winning music streamers. The striking frontpanel with semi-exposed aesthetic, sturdy mechanical controls breaths a steampunk vibe. The RA180 is designed to bring to amplification, what the HiFi Rose streaming products bring to digital audio. Consolidating connection options that are varied enough to suit any premium audio system, so users can focus on the most important thing – musical enjoyment. Many reviews have been published already of this magnificent amplifier, we will summarize the most important ones below.


Hifinews Review


Jamie Biesemans reviewed the RA180 for Hifinews, with measurements by Paul Miller. Jamie also did the Dutch review for Hifi.nl. A very detailed unpacking and a down-to-earth approach to the technical explanation is what this review offers. As Jamie mentions the front of the amplifier might look a bit daunting, but once you notice that it is dividable into groups and flow, you immediately get why Hifi Rose choose this design for the amplifier:


“This might appear gimmicky, but form and fit are superb, and every aspect of the amplifier looks and feels premium. That last aspect really is important, as the RA180 offers far more of a tactile experience than its contemporaries” – Jamie Biesemans


The review continues further with an explanation of the GaN (Gallium Nitride) transistor-based Class D technology of which four amps are hidden behind the cover of the RA180’s. These amps can be bridged or used as four channels to bi-amp a speaker with immense power.


“The out-of-left-field design and feature-rich specification of the RA180 almost hide the fact that this is, at its heart, a punchy, authoritative and thrilling-sounding amplifier”  – Jamie Biesemans


The complete review is available on the Hifinews website.



Addicted to Audio Review


Matty Graham, who also is an author for Headfonia, did the honors for the review of the Hifi Rose RA180 for Addicted to Audio. Matty is not a person for simple black or silver box as an amplifier. He states in the the review about the exterior of the amp:


“Now, I don’t fall neatly into the minimalist/modernist camp when it comes to design, being a sucker for mid-Century furniture and design, so it’s perhaps no surprise that I also happen to love vintage hifi – you know, stuff with wooden veneer panels, VU meters, tone controls (gasp!) and other various large clunky knobs and dials.” – Matty Graham


This review takes a simpler approach to the technology, which is fine as the measurements by Paul Miller from Hifinews, explains more than enough and moves quite quickly to the functionality and subjective listening tests. Matty also has an RS150, which is the natural partner to accompany the RA180 during the review, so he could also test the functionality of the app. The integration is great and also gives some additional settings of the amplifier, such as max output setting and standby power mode.


In terms of analogue talents and features, HiFi ROSE has packed everything plus the kitchen sink into the RA180. It’ll provide the experienced hifi enthusiast a huge amount of flexibility to tailor their listening arrangement down the track, and will certainly keep them “busy” in that regard. And once you’ve found your perfect setup with the RA180, all that’s left is to put your feet up, put on your favourite music and smile while you look at it. It’s an amazing first amplifier from HiFi ROSE, they’ve certainly made their mark with the RA180. – Matty Graham 


Full review with stunning photos is available on the website of Addicted to Audio.



Youtube Review Andrew Robinson


A comprehensive video review of the Hifi Rose RA180 by Andrew Robinson, who goes into details about the technology, built quality, functionality and sound quality of the Hifi Rose RA180. Also in comparison with other integrated amplifiers such as the Michi X3, McIntosh MAC7200, Technics R1000 and more.



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