Hifi Rose Ultimate Network Transport RS130


Hifi Rose introduced its new network transport RS130 for the first time in Europe at the High End Munich show, featuring many digital technology improvements to maximize the performance. This new flagship network streamer fits perfectly on top of the current line-up of Hifi Rose and needs to be connected to an external D/A Converter or amplifier with digital inputs.


Unique to Hifi Rose is the striking full-size, wide-viewing multi-touch 15.4″ high resolution LCD display, it enhances the complete audio experience showing album art and videos.  The 15.4-inch screen with a high resolution of 1920*382 boasts a smooth and clear display of album art and videos, making audio listening even more enjoyable, providing the best picture quality from any angle. The exterior of the RS130 streamer boasts a elegant and new appearance with the crystal attached to the button and the ventilation hole in the shape of the symbol logo on the top of the product, which was first applied to ROSE products.


HiFi Rose designed the RS130 to completely block digital noise by supporting fibre optic ethernet and fibre USB transmission (via a new RA720 external unit) and employing an ultra-stable, high-precision OCXO clockensuring minimal distortions created by clock jitter, plus external clock synchronization (10MHz) is also avilable. A dedicated NVMe 256GB solid state drive (SSD)  is used for audio caching, providing low latency and 4GB of LPDDR4 memory, to further maximize performance.



The Hifi Rose RS130 is also straightforward to accommodate thanks to the wide variety of input and output options, and with Rose OS built-in, it’s also easy to use and enjoy. A couple of the advanced technology from Hifi Rose is the use of Fiber connectivity for ethernet and USB with SFP transceivers. Fiber SFPs using optical fibers can block digital noise in order to transmit and receive clean signals, and can guarantee data integrity thanks to their high resistance to electromagnetic interference.


The RS130 provides a new network solution for sending and receiving data using SFP transceivers. The SFP protocol is a noise-resistant communication standard that can ensure fast and reliable data transmission, even over long distances. In particular, Fiber SFPs using optical fibers can fundamentally block digital noise in order to transmit and receive clean signals, and can guarantee data integrity thanks to their high resistance to electromagnetic interference. In combination with a high precision OCXO clock it will provide excellent resolution in all bands when reproducing a sound source and provide clear tone contrast, making the sound more three-dimensional and vivid. The OCXO clock used in the RS130 is the most accurate and stable among those currently in use and is unaffected by temperature changes. It is widely used in fields requiring high precision and stability, such as high-end audio, aerospace, military, and satellite communications.


The outputs of the RS130 are USB, Coaxial, Optical en I2S via HDMI (in 2 forms) and also an additional HDMI output for video. The external master clock input function synchronizes the clock signal between various audio devices, minimizing time errors that occur between audio signal transmissions and improving the accuracy and stability of the audio system.


  • Luxury industrial design characteristics, including front-mounted 15.4” LCD touch-screen
  • Sturdy aluminium chassis with ventilation built-in to the ROSE logo
  • New ethernet network connectivity supports SFP protocol for greater transmission quality
  • Support for fibre USB transmissions
  • Ultra-stable, high-precision OCXO clock built-in
  • Linear power supply with high-capacity supercapacitors
  • Dedicated SSD for audio caching built-in, allowing for clean signal generation and low latency
  • Support for external master clocks via 50Ω and 75Ω terminals
  • Advanced internal design optimised to minimise noise and interferences
  • USB, Coaxial, AES/EBU, Optical, HDMI and I2S Output options
  • Benefits from complete Rose OS operating system and Rose Audio Architecture
  • Support for Tidal, Apple Music, Qobuz, Spotify, Roon Ready, Rose Tube and more services


Pricing & Dealers

Hifi Rose RS130 black or silver finish MSRP €4799 (Available early July 2023)

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