64 Audio

64 Audio is the fastest growing In Ear Monitor (IEM) brand in the market. The family owned brand really stands for the quality they deliver and this is not only being picked up by the majority of outstanding artists, such as John Mayer, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Andrew Marshall (Billie Eilish), but many other as well.


APEX technology

Apex, or Air Pressure Exchange, is a pneumatically interactive vent that releases air pressure in a sealed ear canal. This venting alleviates listener fatigue and opens the soundstage. Apex comes in two variations, m15 and m20. All of our current IEMs feature apex technology, although our tia Trió™ and Fourté™ models contain an internal apex module to preserve the tia™ acoustic chambers. This is just one of the many technologies. such as TIA, 3D-Fit, etc, that were developed  by 64Audio.


Music lovers

64Audio is not just developed to be used on-stage. Music lovers are discovering that music can cross so many borders and possibilities with 64Audio. Please visit one of our specialized dealers for an audition. But be aware, 64Audio can become very addictive. Do not say that we have not warned you.


Custom IEM’s

If you are looking for complete custom fit in-ear monitors for on stage, in the studio or for any other purpose, please contact us for the many possibilities. With 3D-Fit and a quality in-ear impression, your custom IEM’s will be built by 64Audio in the USA. Within just a few weeks they can be ready to be used.