Dan Clark Audio

Dan Clark Audio, formerly known as MrSpeakers, creates high-quality headphones by honing in on every detail to deliver a moving experience. Listening to music, playing games or enjoying video is an experience. Dan believes a headphone should not remind a user it’s on, allowing for an immersive experience that can last for hours.


Dan Clark Audio is a line of headphones that have been getting rave reviews, each headphone is designed, built and tested in San Diego, California. They make high value planar headphones, completely developed and built in house, with their patented V-Planar technology. Dan Clark Audio also developed an electrostatic headphon: Voce. Their headphones compete with far more expensive products and offer superb value. Their first headphone, the Ether, received exceptional press.


Dan Clark had founded MrSpeakers in 2012 to create headphones that provided a full sensory experience instead of simply delivering high quality audio. Convinced that every aspect of a headphone is key to the pleasure of listening, Dan took a holistic approach by designing each mechanism from the ground up to ensure there were no areas of deficiency to spoil the perception of being completely absorbed in the music.


Dan Clark established the original MrSpeakers brand many years ago after earning his engineering degree. After graduation, he enjoyed positions at Apple and designed two highly regarded loudspeakers for Platinum Audio: Studio 2 and Reference 2. As his business grew, Dan named his design consultancy MrSpeakers to showcase his product focus at the time. As the high-end audio market turned its attention to personal audio, he became interested in the pursuit of good sound from closed-back headphones. Over time, Dan became an authoritative and reliable voice in Head-fi, sharing numerous modification tips.


End of 2019 Dan decided to change the name for MrSpeakers into Dan Clark Audio. “My professional and personal lives intersect in high-fidelity audio, especially when it comes to designing headphones that ideally disappear, allowing listeners to get lost in the music,” added Dan Clark. “But I also know that my love of audio is leading me to explore how best to apply my experience for a wide range of products. By putting my name on the business, I gladly embrace full responsibility for every model with our logo.”