Repeat Audio

Repeat Audio

Repeat Audio loves bold statements and really live by them. They created the most durable High-Fidelity wireless headphones ever with the best sound. Repeat Audio strongly believes that you do not have to choose between durability and quality, without any compromises to quality or style.


Repeat Audio’s answer to waste? Headphones designed for eternal life, with easily replaceable parts and they give your old components a second life.


Dune Blue distributes Repeat Audio in Scandinavia.


Repeat Audio is a Dutch brand by Gerrard Street, an innovative company from Rotterdam that really strives to do better on all levels.  Founded by two graduates from the TU Delft who were frustrated with electronics that just fall apart after the warranty ended.


Tom and Dorus, who both love music all day and every day, wanted to create a standard in headphones with great quality and a modular concept. Creating true sustainability, but without any compromises to the high fidelity of music, that is also truly important. Wired or Wireless? Repeat Audio got you covered!