FIR Audio

FIR Audio was founded in 2018 by longtime In-Ear Monitor pioneer Bogdan Belonozhko. If you have been following the world of headphones and IEM for a while, then you would have seen Bogdan’s name before, as he was the CEO of no other than 64 Audio.


FIR Audio exists to offer many necessary and unique accessories for all IEM owners, with care and maintenance accessories much needed if you would like your IEM’s to last for a long time. The real statement of FIR Audio was the release of their tube-less IEM’s. Not only the professional users picked this up quickly, but reviewers as Headfonia tested FIR Audio and placed them on their buy recommendation list.


FiR Audio first introduced themselves into the market with gadgets for the Pro Audio user. They started with IEM vacuum cleaners, then a cable tester and after some more accessory categorized products, they showed the world their take on IEMs in 2019.


FiR Audio’s engineers have a long history in the industry. The founder, Bogdan Belonozhko, is the ex-CEO of none other than 64 Audio. Bogdan left 64Audio to follow his own route and was joined by his brother, Alexander. Together they have developed and worked on improving their products to introduce at CanJam 2019  their line-up of tubeless universal and custom IEMs.