Noble Audio

Noble Audio

Noble Audio was founded by the Moulton brothers in 2013 and they really have made a mark with high performance in-ear monitors. John aka The Wizard originally worked in a hearing aid lab, also for creating custom in-ear monitors. Since the company was born Noble Audio has crafted award-winning multi-driver earphones.


Many of the earphones that are created by Noble Audio have multiple drivers. Sometimes Noble uses hybrid structure of various driver types, all with just one purpose to add more texture and realism to the music, which is often lacking in other brands. Noble Audio models are easily recognizable for their ergonomic 3D-printed shell and are designed for a secure comfortable in-ear fit. ┬áJohn’s attention to detail and material selection is truly unique.




Noble Audio’s collection can be divided into Custom in-Ear Monitors, Prestige Series, Wired in-ear monitors, Wireless in-ear monitors and Wireless headphones. Dune Blue distributes Noble Audio for the BeNeLux and Scandinavia.