Niimbus Audio

Niimbus Audio, just as Violectric, is a brand by LAKE PEOPLE Electronic. The knowledge of 30 years of own development & production has flowed into the products of Niimbus Audio.


Tools not toys!


This reflects the approach of developing serious technology at reference level. In the professional field, the company realizes this claim under the name Lake People, in the hi-fi sector with the brand Violectric and Niimbus Audio. The local connection with the Lake Constance region, which is already expressed in the choice of the company name “Lake People”, can also be found in the operative business: The entire development and production takes place in the manufactory in Constance, even suppliers come largely from Germany. The result is  an A / D and D / A converter, microphone, headphone and phono amplifiers as well as various signal converters with the earned “Made in Germany” quality seal.


Since its founding in 1986, Lake People has been developing solutions for recording studios that demand the highest levels of sound and reliability. Over the years, the circuits and designs have been further refined – today’s Lake People offer is the result of 30 years of development. From the F355 microphone preamplifier to the Ana-Series series balancers and summing amplifiers, to converters such as the F446 or the signal splitters and sample-rate converters in the Digi-Tool range, professional users will find a solution from Lake for virtually every imaginable application people. The culmination of this long development is the brand new Reference Series, which, true to its name, establishes a new reference class.