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Introducing the new open back planar flagship headphone from Dan Clark Audio: Expanse. Featuring the all-new 4th generation planar-magnetic driver and our breakthrough Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS). EXPANSE delivers a stunningly smooth presentation to bring new depth and breadth to all your favorite music.




Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS)

All headphones are subject to high-frequency standing waves which can make treble sound harsh, fatiguing, or synthetic. AMTS is a patent pending inline device placed between the transducer and ear. It integrates waveguides, diffusion control, quarter-wave, and Helmholtz resonators into one compact structure. Diffusion reduces some standing wave formation while resonators act as both precision and broad filters to smooth and shape the frequency response, smoothing the sound from the midrange through the highest frequencies. Basically acting as an integrated series of waveguides, for a whole new natural staging and listening environment.


Redefines “Detail”


EXPANSE’s planar driver delivers incredibly low distortion throughout the listening range with levels of detail heretofore found primarily in the top-of-the-line electrostatics. Unlike many headphones where “detail” is created through exaggerated high-frequency energy, EXPANSE’s AMTS delivers industry-leading resolution without fatiguing highs users may be used to.


Together, our 4th-generation motor and AMTS deliver a sonic performance best described as “effortless.” From a delicately plucked string to the most intense dynamics of an orchestra, or the weight and attack of a kick drum to the overtones a decay of a crash cymbal, EXPANSE delivers an amazing balance of delicacy, nuance, and punch that will have you reaching for all your favorite recordings, and maybe staying up a bit too late.


And last but not least there’s the soundstage; EXPANSE is all enveloping and can compete with any open headphone in depth, width, and imaging, with instruments occupying a correct volume in space instead of being rendered as “points”.

EXPANSE’s effortless sense of space and instrument placement allowing the headphone “disappear,” so you can simply relax into your musical experience. Let the headphones, equipment, and yes, your daily stresses melt away, leaving your music to be enjoyed the way it was meant to be heard!


Mechanical Design

“EXPANSE design takes its cues from our STEALTH headphone but adds an exciting and unique grill based on mathematical functions derived from the principals of generative design, for a truly unique and stylish look. The top grade black leather headband features fine blue stitching to create a quilted head-strap that’s not only gorgeous but is also functional and comfortable. The elegant embroidered EXPANSE logo adds a dash of color to EXPANSE’s all-black aesthetic.




The same “self-adjusting suspension system” that was introduced with the STEALTH, is also available for EXPANSE. It seats the headphone just right on your head without any fuss. At just 418g this is also one of the lightest super-premium headphones on the market. Taken together, the new vegan suede and “leather” ear pads, self-adjusting suspension, and lightweight chassis make EXPANSE so comfy you can just ignore it and “vanish into your music.” For portability or storage we incorporated AEON 2’s elegant folding gimbal structure into EXPANSE, allowing it to conveniently pack into a compact custom case that’s small and easy to stow



– Driver: 76mm x 51mm single-ended planar magnetic
– Driver matching: 0.25db weighted 20-10,000Hz
– THD: less than 0.03% 20-20KHz, ref. 1KHz at 94dB
– Headband: Nickle-Titanium
– Baffle: Carbon Fiber
– Ear Pads: Synthetic Suede and Leather


Pricing & Dealers

Dan Clark Audio Expanse incl. 1.8m Vivo 6.35/XLR MSRP €4799

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