Introducing Dan Clark Audio Corina Reference Electrostatic Headphone


Dan Clark Audio introduces their new Reference Electrostatic Headphone on CanJam New York this weekend, taking electrostatic musicality into a future of fun!


Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System

Corina is the first electrostatic headphone featuring industry-leading Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System AMTS technology first introduced with the groundbreaking Stealth and Expanse headphones. With AMTS, frequency response is significantly smoother throughout the midrange and high frequencies, free of annoying “peaks and holes” for a smoother, more complete, accurate, and enjoyable listening experience. AMTS allows Dan Clark Audio to re-imagine the voicing of Corina to deliver the most natural midrange we’ve heard in an electrostatic to date. From powerful bass to the incredibly rich and well balanced mids and highs, Corina delivers an incredibly smooth and lifelike experience, full of electrostatic resolution yet free from the high-frequency emphasis/glare common to many electrostatic headphones.


New Voicing

By reducing the emphasis on higher frequencies typical of many electrostatics headphones, VOCE delivered a new take on how the electrostatic headphone could sound. With a wider and deeper soundstage, a stronger bottom end and a smoother, richer midrange, Corina delivers a fun yet lifelike tone, with sumptuous vocals, and bass that really kicks. Unlike many electrostatics, Corina is even fun with electronica and rock.


New Driver Fabrication Process

In order to ensure the highest consistency between units, Corina’s 88mm driver is made with a new tensioning system which increases diaphragm tension and uniformity of tension for more consistent, better matched drivers. These drivers are then carefully matched to ensure excellent soundstage and imaging.


Ear Pad Matching

New ear pads have been developed with enhanced ergonomics, including a synthetic suede surface for the face contact, avoiding sweat and “hot spots” common to headphones. There’s more to ear pads than just their comfort, though. As most listeners know, ear pads can affect the sound of headphones, dramatically.


While drivers can be precision matched ear pads, which involve welding or stitching fabrics and use of foams, have always limited the actual tolerances of the headphone. All Corina new and replacement ear pads are delivered as matched pairs to further tighten the tolerances between the left and right channels and reduce unit to unit variances.


Multiple comfort enhancements

Corina utilizes the new self-tensioning headband design from our flagship Stealth and Expanse headphones, for an incredibly comfortable yet hassle-free fit. Paired with the new ear pads and using our signature titanium alloy headband design, Corina is incredibly comfortable to wear.



Driver Type: Electrostatic

Driver Size:  88mm

Capacitance with 2m Cable 135pF

Weight: 465gr

Frequency Response *Yes (flat to 6Hz)


Pricing & Dealers

Dan Clark Audio Corina incl 2m cable MSRP €5399

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