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The FiR Audio M5 showcases of all the technology they have to offer. The M5 has a dynamic driver for lows, 3 balanced armatures for midrange and highs and an electrostatic driver to assist the treble reproduction.  The M5 was the first IEM in the world to have the electrostatic drivers. This earphone features a tubeless design, paired with the 3rd generation atom pressure release system to provide the M5 with a cavernous, out of head soundstage and a pressure-free listening experience.


FiR Audio M5 Review Headfonia


Linus does a lot of the IEM reviews at Headfonia, but also Lieven does not shy away from IEM reviews at Headfonia. After a factory visit and meeting Bogdan and the FiR Audio crew when Lieven was traveling the US West Coast his interest in the brand grew and lieven took an M5 custom monitor home for an audition. After the introduction of the company and technology of the M5 explained , we head into the sound profile of this earphone. From experience we know that Atom modules not only have an effect on isolation, but also on the audio characteristics, so the review tests the 3 different atom modules the custom M5 comes with. Please be aware that the universal M5 is not supplied with Atom modules.


“I find the M5 to be a very emotional and engaging monitor which genuinely makes me enjoy my favorite tracks and albums” 


Then Linus steps in for the comparison of the M5 Custom with the universal next to the M4 from the company and the 64 Audio Fourté. The comparison with 64 Audio is interesting from a heritage point of view. The Empire Ears Odin and Noble Audio Sultan earphones also join the club with the comparison Linus made. Lieven made several comparisons, but focuses on Hybrid (C)IEMs, and  he therefore has chosen to look at the Vision Ears Elysium, Unique Melody MEST and the much cheaper The Shozy & AAW Pola39. Lieven uses in his pairings the A&K SP2000, next to Chord Hugo 2, but also the Earmen Sparrow. This sums up this review from Headfonia best, with a final score if 4.3 (out of 5):


“The Fir Audio M5 is a very special kind of flagship. One in which enjoyment, intensity and musicality are the key words. If you like good bass impact, full sounding mids and gorgeous vocals, the M5 will be a TOTL monitor for you”


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FiR Audio M5 universal MSRP €2899 incl. VAT

FiR Audio M5 Custom MSRP €2949 incl. VAT

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