It took almost 3 years of research and now it is finally here, the new HEDDPhone TWO from HEDD Audio. From the ground up, HEDD Audio has reworked the original HEDDPhone to make its successor do a grand entrance:


– Redesigned full-range Air Motion Transformer (AMT) driver with large diaphragmHEDDPhone TWO
– Patented geometric design with VVT™ technology
– Exceptional frequency extension, superior transients and clarity
– Accurate timbre, natural and pleasing sound signature
– New carbon fiber HEDDband™ to adjust height, width, curvature, and clamping pressure
– Excellent balance distribution of highest quality materials
– Handmade in Berlin, Germany
– Eligible for warranty extension up to 5 years




The new diaphragm is made from a “Kapton polyamide film” for a frequency response of 10Hz to 40kHz. The HEDDphone Two’s sensitivity is rated at 89db with nominal impedance at 41 Ohms.


HEDD Audio has achieved an improvement in weight of over 25% by utilizing ultra-light materials, such as carbon-fibre and magnesium, which is directly noticeable if you look at the new headband. With its smart strap system, HEDDband® enables you to personalize height, width, curvature, and clamping pressure, to achieve a custom fit that’s comfortable for prolonged use.


The HEDDphone Two ships with a travel case, an additional set of ear pads, two 2.2m length cables with a 6.35mm plug and one with 4.4mm plug. Also a 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter and a balanced 4.4mm to XLR adapter is included in the package.



Dealers & Pricing

HEDDPhone TWO MSRP €1999 (available for pre-order)

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