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The HiFiMAN Arya-Stealth Magnets Version (Arya Version 3) is a full sized Open-Back headphone. The original Arya was  released back in 2018 and features a Planar Magnetic Driver with a Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm and Submicron Thickness Conductor. The new Arya is one of the headphones that is revamped with a Stealth Magnet Design. The Arya isn’t certainly the first that features this design, back in 2017 the Susvara, still Hifiman’s flagship, was the first to have Stealth Magnets.


In the Stealth Magnet Design the magnets have a different physical shape and composition to allow sound waves to pass through from one side to another without creating any “interferences” such as wave diffraction turbulence and lowering distortion in the process. This way the magnets are almost acoustically invisible aka Stealth. Another technology found in the Arya headphone, is the Nanometer technology. This breakthrough core technology developed by Hifiman is the first of its kind in a headphone application. Although working with this advanced material is extremely challenging yet the successful incorporation of this film as the Arya’s planar driver is the cornerstone of its remarkable sound, according to HiFiMAN


Headfonia Review


Lieven has seen his fair share of HiFiMAN headphones since the start of Headfonia. After the unboxing and explanation of the tech inside of this headphone, Lieven plunges right into the sound characteristics. Many different sources and amplifiers have been used during the review period and you can read the enthusiasm of Lieven directly from the start:


The Arya Stealth drivers have excellent PRaT, and they sound like they are always perfectly in control, no matter how difficult passages your throw at it. It’s a balanced sound with overall a good amount of body and presence from lows to highs …. The Arya Stealth’s mid delivery is smoothly musical, and the timbre is a pleasure to the ear. The amount of body and presence is in balance with that of the bass section and everything nicely connects. The mids are fast paced, natural and exciting.” – Headfonia


The new Stealth Version of the Arya is being compared by many of the current headphones from HiFiMAN in this review. So the Ananda, 1000SE and HE6SE all get a direct side-by-side review, with some interesting observations. The conclusion of this elaborate review by Headfonia is simple and straight forward and ends with a highly recommended. Read the full review of the Hifiman Arya Stealth Magnets on the Headfonia website.


“How good is the Arya Stealth?! Waw! It isn’t cheap or available to everyone but the performance for the price is highly remarkable”


Headfonics Review


The review by Headfonics also hands out an award for the Arya Stealth Magnets headphone. An overall score of 9.1 is a note worthy prize for a job well done. After the unboxing Marcus goes into the technology of the headphone and explains really well what each aspect contributes to the headphone. But the truth is always in the listening experience and the comparisons, so let’s scroll down.


Marcus has listened to the Arya with various sources and amplifiers. From the Ferrum OOR, DCs Bartok to the Feliks Audio Envy.


“Tonal pairing is a different ball game with the Arya and will come down to how you like your bass and treble delivered. My own personal preference was for a warmish-sounding solid-state sound or a tube amplifier with a solid-state rectifier…. A brilliant combination of both of those characteristics is the Feliks Audio Envy but this might be overkill unless you happen to already have it. Its high voltage release and excellent current headroom combined with a solid-state rectifier deliver an improved bass response in terms of dynamic impact but also injected a bit more warmth throughout the Arya Stealth’s FR.” – Headfonics


The comparisons in this elaborate review are done with other HiFiMAN models, such as the new Edition XS, Ananda and HE1000V2. Very interesting comparison again as the same teardrop design is seen in all of these headphones, although some of them like the Ananda and HE1000V2 are already a couple of years old.


“The Arya Stealth should be a popular choice with a price point that is reasonable in my estimation in terms of what you get in return. Just upgrade that cable and pair it with a smooth-sounding amp and it is good to go” 


Read the full review of the HiFiMAN Arya Stealth Magnets on the Headfonics website.


Passion for Sound Youtube Review



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