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The Euterpe from Auris Audio is a single-ended headphone amplifier with unbalanced circuit design. The lineup of tubes is classic Auris, with the use of two 7-pin Ei PL95 tubes, which are the equivalent to 6DL5, and a single ECC81 input tube, also known like 12AT7 (running in Ultra-Linear mode). The output power is just a shade lower at 0.9W into a 32Ω load.


A unique and thoughtfully-crafted headphone amplifier that truly shines of great craftsmanship and great quality. Not only a headphone amplifier, but USB-DAC and pre-amp as well and has received much praise in the past already from hifi-websites and magazines.




StereoNET has reviewed the Auris speakers in the past and this is where the connection for reviewer Jay Garrett met and he requested to test the intriguing Euterpe headphone amplifier, named after one of the nine Greek muses. The Euterpe can function as all-in-one headphone amplifier when the USB-DAC is hooked up to a computer. As Jay also tests, connecting the Euterpe to a much better digital source, it will enhance the performance dramatically. Read the full review on StereoNET’s website.


“I really enjoyed the combination of tonal warmth and dynamism that the Auris was able to supply, and it is these characteristics that will see it win many friends. Also, its expansive soundstaging pushes past the listener’s headset in a skilfully pleasant way. It’s true that solid-state fans such as myself may notice its slightly opaque, romantic midband, yet this seems to breathe more life into tonally dry recordings and plumps out the thinner ones. It also helps make the Euterpe genuinely enjoyable to listen to, even over extended listening sessions” 


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