Campfire Audio Vega 2020


Campfire Audio Vega 2020 takes all the excellent and innovative aspects of the original 2016 design and improves upon them. They have redesigned the complete earphone to feature a 10 mm single dynamic driver with A.D.L.C. (amorphous diamond-like carbon) coating material for a  unique lightweight and rigid diaphragm. The new housing of the Vega 2020 is made from white ceramics using custom beryllium and copper MMCX Connections.


Audio Solace Review


Audio Solace has reviewed many Campfire Audio products in the past, which can be read on their website. Also the previous Vega, which was introduced in 2017, was reviewed by them. Due to their extensive knowledge of the CA products, this review is very interesting as immediate comparison with the models can be mode. Also it is quite clear what the heritage of the new Vega 2020 is, rooted in the Atlas, but still somewhat different in tuning.


“Overall, the Vega 2020 does lean towards the darker side of the spectrum with a bass that lends warmth to the lower midrange and a treble that curtails in the mid-treble frequencies and beyond” 


The new models of Campfire Audio are geared towards a distinct sound profile using the new innovations to create truly unique products. Please read the complete review on the Audio Solace website.


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Campfire Audio Vega 2020 MSRP €999 incl VAT

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