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The Aeon Range from Dan Clark Audio was released in 2017. Back then the small in-house developed planar driver, teardrop earcup that mimicked the shape of the ear, closed-back and open model surprised the industry. (Checkout this cool product timeline) In 2019 the MK2 was released and this was more than simply a colour-change from the original dark blue to an unmissable red. The review below from Headfonia describes perfectly what the changes were.  The Aeon’s driver assembly received a complete overhaul. A new motor design that flipped the position of the magnet to the other side of the planar diaphragm, improved driver damping and ‘Trueflow’ airflow design. Dan Clark listened to customer feedback from the original Aeon series and imbued the Aeon 2 with a greater sense of soundstage, dynamics, as well as bass impact. Furthermore the designers added a folding system, which allowed the Aeon 2 to collapse into an even tinier footprint for storage, making it a genuine portable proposition.


Now the Noire is added to the line-up and some changes have been done again. We do not have to mention the colour change to this luxurious deep high gloss black. The Noire is now equipped standard with the perforated pads, this gently boosts treble and bass, in close accordance with the Harman target curve, to give the perception of an even wider soundstage.


Aeon 2 Noire Headfonia Review


Headfonia is well know with the headphones from Dan Clark Audio, they have reviewed most models in the past. This knowledge of the company and products that were manufactured in the past, makes interesting reading material. The review touches upon many items, such as the changes in design, the unboxing, optional accessories and the quality of the sound compared to its predecessor.


“I think the Aeon 2 Noire looks absolutely killer in the flesh and handily beats its red stablemate in the looks department. Sure, ‘red goes faster’ and all that, but I think the Noire edition of the Aeon 2 looks a little more grown-up and a little less conspicuous – both great things in my book that make it a compelling choice over the standard Aeon 2″


A well written in depth review of the sound quality is done by Matty Graham, with extensive testing of the various tuning filters provided with the Aeon2 Noire. Next to this also effects of EQ have been tested to tastefully adjust the character to your liking, without creating additional distortion.


The last part of the review is pairing and comparisons to the former Aeon Closed, but als the Focal Radiance and Audio Technica ATH-WP900. With regards to power, the 92 dB sensitive Aeon 2 Noire will perform much beter with the feedings of more power. In comparison the Aeon 2 Noire is described as more vivid, airy soundstage with great staging and imaging.


The conclusion of the Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noire review from Headfonia is one with sheer excitement. Click the link to read the complete review.


“All in all, the Aeon 2 Noire is simply a terrific pair of closed-back headphones – they’re technically adept and don’t seem restrained by any of the traditional hang-ups of closed-back designs, seemingly defying physics with their spacious, airy, and exciting sound. Those of you looking for a single set of cans to do just about ‘everything’ need look no further – just add plenty of power, and you’re in for a treat”


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Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noire MSRP €999 incl. VAT (standard Dummer cable)

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