Dan Clark Audio Stealth – Closed-Back Headphone of the Year


Headphone Guru Closed Back Headphone of the YearHeadphone Guru  just announced their yearly awards for best headphones of the year. They have several categories and in the category best closed-back headphone the beautiful Stealth flagship closed-back headphone from Dan Clark Audio has won Closed-Back Headphone of the Year!


“The Stealth has balanced bass with exciting midrange and treble extension which also sounds like an open back headphone but is closed design and delivers a bold and exciting new sound. Congratulations to everyone who submitted their product for review in a challenging year and to Dan Clark, Andy Regan, and their team for bringing home the best design for 2021” 



Dan Clark Audio Stealth - Headfonics


Dan Clark Audio AEON2 Noire – Budget Headphone of the Year

Headphone Guru Budget Headphone of the YearThis is not the only Dan Clark Audio headphone that won a prestigious Headphone Guru award. In the category Best Budget Headphone Product of the Year, the Dan Clark Audio Aeon2 Noire won as well!


“What else can I say about these spectacular closed-back headphones by Dan Clark Audio? I absolutely loved them for their incredible design, portability, transparency and comfort! The all-black colour really makes them pop visually and after a few minutes, I found that they disappeared on my head thanks to their outstanding comfort. I found that these headphones worked with every genre that I threw at them; from classical to hard rock, these headphones excelled at everything I used them with.”


Read all the winners of the Headphone Guru Awards on their website.


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Dan Clark Audio Stealth MSRP €4799 incl VAT

Dan Clark Audio AEON2 Noire MSRP €1099 incl. VAT

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