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Feliks Audio is a family run, small manufacturer of hand-built tube amplifiers with over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of the best possible products. They are made in Poland and are completely in-house engineered, tuned and assembled at their factory in Lubliniec.


Their Echo, Elise, Euforia and Envy have won many awards worldwide with their perfect blend of passion, looks and fantastic sound quality. Feliks Audio is always trying to get the best possible result from as few components as possible, resulting in pure and accurate sound.


The Euforia EVO is Feliks Audio’s latest model (read our news about this new model), introduced near the end of 2022.


Below, we have gathered the latest Feliks Audio Euforia EVO reviews.




Feliks Audio Euforia EVO Ear Fidelity review


Kamil Owczarz from the website Ear Fidelity enthusiastically reviews the Euforia EVO, going over the packaging, tech, design, build quality and of course the sound quality! Kamil also describes the synergy with many different headphones.


Here are a few quotes from the review:


The midrange is a place where the reviewed Feliks Audio Euforia Evo shines the most, anything you will plug into its output will reproduce the midrange in a magical way. It’s powerful, vivid, and lively. The timbre is very unique and analog, it causes any headphones to be extremely engaging.”


“The way the reviewed amplifier reproduces vocals is also very unique. I used to listen to the vocal of Nick Cave in People Ain’t No Good many times with lots of different gear, but when played with Euforia Evo, his voice made me feel gooseflesh since I can’t remember when.”


“Now the last and probably the best part of the reviewed Feliks Audio Euforia Evo – the soundstage. It’s wide and deep, with perfect positioning of sound sources. Apart from Feliks Audio Envy, I haven’t listened to any amplifier that would create such an exceptional soundstage. Everything is in the place you would expect.”


“Feliks Audio Euforia Evo isn’t only a headphone amplifier, it’s a statement – the statement that the sound is the most important for you. That’s not the best-measuring amp in its price range, but it doesn’t matter, what’s really important is that it provides amazing timbre and enough power to drive most headphones available in the market. For me, that’s more than enough to highly recommend it if you’re looking for a tube amplifier that will easily drive most (or probably even all) of your headphones”


And his final conclusion:


“Purely awesome to the point, where I just ended up buying the review sample loaned to us from Feliks Audio. There was no way that I’m giving that amplifier back.

Wildly recommended.”


Feel free to follow this link and read the complete Ear Fidelity review!



Feliks Audio Euforia EVO Headfonia review


On the leading head-fi review website Headfonia, Lieven Vranken very favorably reviews this amplifier in a lengthy article detailing all aspects of the design using many different headphones. Below are some excerpts from this review:


“You get a nice spacious sound, with a realistic amount of air and excellent separation. The sound stage extends well in both directions, as well as the layering. The 3-Dimensionality and stereo imaging are also a please to listen to. The evo is dynamic and revealing, and the best part is that the evo does that effortlessly. It’s relaxed, yet dynamic and lively, without ever sourcing weird or forced in any way. Good note extension and decay is something I always appreciate and the Euforia evo satisfies me to the fullest in this regard.”


“Bass is fast and engaging, and perfectly controlled. The mids perfectly connect from the bass, with the same weighty presentation. The spaciousness, extension and vocals are what make the mids shine most. The mids sound super dynamic and natural and with the typical vocal presentation, it becomes engaging, focused, and musical. The treble section is soft but energetic and extended at the same time. There’s a good amount of energy and spaciousness in the treble but it’s never harsh to the ears. Treble is musically exciting, but easy to listen to.”


“All-in-all a great amplifier to listen to. Mixing a high technical detail, with good musicality, excellent speed, liveliness, and superb dynamics.”


We would like to thank Lieven @Headfonia for another well-written story! You can read the complete review here.




Feliks Audio Euforia EVO Bloom Audio review


Bloom Audio is an online head-fi store with great products and also great reviews. They wrote a very detailed Feliks Audio Euforia EVO review.


Read what they had to say about this fantastic OTL amplifier:


“Euforia EVO delivers excellent performance that’s coupled with an elegant simplicity. While tube amps can seem intimidating – and adding in a fancy concept like the “output transformerless” design can add to that – but EVO’s plug and play nature and single volume knob operation makes it highly accessible. While the elegance and accessibility is great, what’s most important is the sound, and Euforia EVO is, without a doubt, one of the best sounding headphone amps we’ve ever heard.”


You can read the complete review here.


They also did a Youtube video review, which you can watch below:





Feliks Audio Euforia EVO review Youtube video by Upscale Audio


Kevin Deal from Upscale audio also did a great Feliks Audio Euforia EVO review on YouTube. You can watch the video below:





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