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The HiFiMAN Svanar flagship IEM, presented a few months ago, has received much praise since its introduction. It’s very natural and homogenic sound with deep bass and wide imaging has really impressed all that listen to this IEM.



About the HiFiMan Svanar


The HiFiMAN Svanar is a flagship IEM with a Topology Diaphragm (a special Nano particle coating that is applied to the surface for a more natural and detailed sound) and Brass Chamber design. This IEM features brass in the front chamber and an aluminum alloy in the rear, placing the center of gravity at the pinna, or outer ear. By doing so, stability, fit, and comfort are maximized, even when enjoying extended listening sessions.


We have gathered a few informative reviews below for your reading pleasure.



Headfonia review


NanoTechnos from Headfonia wrote a lengthy review detailing the background and development of the Svanar and its predecessors. His conclusion after spending time with Svanar:


The Hifiman Svanar is an exceptional IEM that delivers an audiophile-grade listening experience thanks to its innovative topology driver technology. It produces a precise and balanced sound signature, with impressive clarity and detail topped by one of the most solid bass and widest soundstages I listened to recently.


On top of that, Hifiman really upped his game with a superb casing – I repeat gold plated copper – that not only adds to its appeal but also enhances its acoustic performance. And while the price point of the Svanar is certainly high, the audio quality and craftsmanship maintain the strong appeal of the brand signature.


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Headfonics review


Senior reviewer Louis from Headfonics wrote a detailed review about the HiFiMAN Svanar, mentioning the extreme comfort and isolation of the IEM:


The shape is somewhat off-ball but it works far as comfort. The Svanar is one of the only IEMs I could wear for hours and forget I have them on most times and I would label them as having a high level of comfort. They also isolate well.


Regarding bass performance, Louis mentions the following: “Accurate bass over everything else is what they seem to aim for. They sure can party hard but are best at musicality.


The conclusion leaves no room for doubt:


I have a love-and-hate relationship with the HIFIMAN Svanar because since I got them I haven’t been able to take them off and they also spoiled me to the point where my other dozens of IEMs will be gathering dust from now on. 


The HIFIMAN Svanar might lack an upgraded accessory package, but they certainly don’t lack sound quality. Their overall sound is addictive, intimate, and inviting, and it will be a hard task if you embark on a search for a better-sounding IEM.


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Ear-Fidelity review

Reviewer Paweł Szachno is very enthousiastic about the HiFiMAN Svanar on the website Ear-Fidelity. His thoughts about the sound of the Svanar:


A lot can be said about HifiMan, but what no one can argue with is definitely their sound quality. Hifiman Svanar uses some very interesting technologies which promise an improved sound, and now it’s time to see if it all works. 


So, long story short, the Hifiman Svanar sounds absolutely marvelous. It’s probably the best-sounding 1DD IEM I’ve heard, and it has some aspects that I personally value a lot in audio.


Paweł even goes so far to compare the Svanar with the full-size HiFiMAN HE1000se:


I personally think that the Svanar is the IEM version of the HE1000se, and having in mind how great the latter is, this is nothing short of spectacular.


He is also very impressed with the sound staging abilities of the HiFiMAN Svanar:


The Svanar has the biggest soundstage that I’ve heard in IEMs to this day, and you know that I’ve heard a lot. The Svanar reproduces the sound so wide and deep that it actually sounds exactly like a pair of great over-ear, open-back planars, and I’m not exaggerating.


[…] Apart from the actual size of the soundstage, the imaging and separation are also both class-leading, offering an ultra-precise insight into the recording, even when listening to symphonic music.


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Earphonia.com review

An almost perfect 9.8/10 score for sound quality is given by the Earphonia.com team for the HiFiMAN Svanar! Please read the conclusion of the listening tests of the Svanar below:


The intricate details in the layering of some complex tracks, seem to feel like a reflection of one’s mood, shaping and sculpting the nature of the sound itself. Filling the listener with a sense of freedom and expansiveness.


When locked in the musicality or ‘audio-zone’ as I like to call it. The Svanar earphones seem to be a mirror of one’s emotional state, reflecting the inner landscape of the listener, auditory neural pathways carving new valleys and ridges, in unison with the music, each listen refining this new grey-matter landscape.



Continually relaying musicality as emotion and creating a bond between the organic and the electronic. These IEMs becoming an extension of your being, insanely immersive and natural sounding.



The HiFiMan Svanar has elevated the luxury portable audio playing field to its next logical level with an impressive audiophile artform. The earphonia.com team are certainly impressed…



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