FiR Audio VxV review

The website is known for its great reviews of headgear. They had the opportunity to review the FiR Audio new VxV earphones end of 2020. The FiR Audio VxV  is a universal fun, swiss-army-knife-like IEM, boasting a lot of technology from FiR Audio such as Tactile Bass and Direct Bore.


The Twister6 review explains quite a bit of fun details, unboxing photos and design of the 5×5 to start off with. In the second and third part of the review the analysis of the sound, eartips comparison and pairing opportunities are being displayed. Interesting part is the comparison of the VxV to Campfire Audio‘s well-known Andromeda and Solaris 2020 and also the Meze Audio Rai Penta. If you bear in mind that the VxV is priced at 1099 euro, they are performing really well.


“I found this latest hybrid release from FIR Audio to have a clean detailed natural sound that works great with any genre of music”


Exceeding expectations from Twister6 for the FiR Audio VxV is a great way to conclude their review. The VxV is truly an IEM that can carry any kind of music any time of the day. Please read the full review of these new IEM’s from FiR Audio on the Twister6 website.


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FiR Audio VxV MSRP €1099 incl VAT

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