Headfonics reviews HEDDphone with an exceptional score


Heinz Electrodynamic Designs (HEDD) is not new to hifi, but the HEDDphone is their introduction to the Personal Audio market. It has been an amazing start, as the HEDDphone is considered by many to be a very interesting product. The key to the HEDDphone is the driver, which is not dynamic, electrostatic nor planar. The AMT driver, or Air Motion Transformer has never been used full-range in a headphone and this makes it revolutionary.


In short Headfonics describes the HEDDphone as: “The HEDDphone is a new path, a new direction, and a unique sound. It is not a planar headphone sound, neither dynamic nor electrostatic but it successfully mixes some of the best traits of each to paint a massive presentation, huge depth, and wonderful clarity. If not for that subterranean extension on the low-end you could almost call it a quasi-electrostatic-like sound mixing some of the better density of planar drivers with that incredible articulation you tend to hear from electrostatic treble”


Headfonics also points out the extraordinary staging and scaling capabilities of the HEDDphone:

“In some ways, aspects of the HD800 sense of wide-open space are there with the HEDDphone but this goes much deeper without sounding diffuse and indiscriminate in how it throws out those all-important imaging cues that give you a sense of perspective.  It does not sound artificially wide though with less of a distinct left/right separation that can often break up the balance of a musical passage forcing you to keep up with any extreme pan and scan effect. At times there is an almost oratory level of staging capability pushing you right back allowing huge ensembles time and space to make themselves heard when required. It is a wonderful tool for classical music, atmospheric synthwave, and anything that needs a lot of space to express itself properly”


Headfonics compared the HEDDphone to various alternatives and also listened closely to different amplifier combinations, such as the wonderful Violectric DHA V590. Please read the full review on the Headfonics website.


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