Introducing the new HiFiMAN Edition XS


The original HiFiMAN Edition X had its debut in 2015 and just like the original, the new Edition XS is planar open-back headphone, which may look similar, but a lot of technology has evolved since the original was introduced. Of course the Edition XS is built with the recently developed Stealth Magnets, which feature a unique shape that enables waves to pass through the magnets without generating interference, this makes the magnet invisible in front of the sound waves. The resulting performance is a natural soundstage with sonics that are detailed, fast and transparent, exposing every detail of the recording. “Edition X was one of our biggest successes,” says Dr. Fang Bian, President of HIFIMAN Electronics. “I knew that if I were going to bring it back to the market, there would have to be demonstrable improvements to the original’s sonic signature. Thanks to Stealth Magnet Technology, a qualified follow-up is now a reality.”


It’s not just Stealth Magnet Technology that drives the performance of the new Edition XS. HiFiMAN’s Neo ultra-thin Diaphragm is 75% thinner than previous designs, lower distortion, thus improving the full-range natural sounding musical performance, fast transients and imaging capabilities. Hifiman Edition XS is tuned by professionals for a natural and pure sound output. The pair presents you with a surround sound feeling. It leaves you in wow with deep-hitting bass response, classic lush vocals, energetic treble, and a wide 3d soundstage. This headphone also features the new improved lightweight headband, with high-grade memory foam for a comfortable fit and lasting elasticity. The supplied cable is, just like other HiFiMAN’s models changeable and upgradeable.


Hifiman Edition XS


Technical Specifications

– Impedance: 18Ω

– Frequency response range: 8Hz-50kHz

– Sensitivity: 92dB

– Weight: 405grams

– Cable termination: 3.5mm


Dealers & Pricing

HiFiMAN Edition XS MSRP €549 incl. VAT

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