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The Shanling UA1 USB-DAC is one of those devices that is easily overlooked and should definitely be more in the spotlight. This small portable USB-DAC with Sabre ES9218P DAC chip is priced attractively and a great companion to your phone or tablet to power your headphones or IEM.


Recently EAR Fidility published a lovely review of this portable DAC from Shanling accompanied by stunning photos and well explained. Receiving top stars from this review, the review conclusion should come at no surprise:


“If you’re looking for a USB type C dongle that is well-made, comfortable, and sounds good on a budget, then the Shanling UA1 is a great choice. If your smartphone jack output is bad, or it simply doesn’t have it, think no more – it’s a very good audio buddy for you to carry around” 


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Shanling UA1 MSRP €49 incl. VAT

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