HiFiMAN HE-400SE – The new entry level benchmark


The new HiFiMAN HE-400SE headphone is a planar magnetic headphone that employs single-ended drivers, with increased efficiency to 91dB. This brand-new headphone has an advanced conductive layer that covers the diaphragm reducing distortion to incredibly low levels. The specially designed Sleath magnet has a unique role to play in the HE400se. Unlike traditional magnets, a stealth magnet allows soundwaves to pass without any kind of interference. The overall magnet design of the HE400se is acoustically transparent to keep the wave diffraction turbulence in check. This decrease in distortion promotes audio accuracy and enhances the audio range which ultimately leads to pure sonic bliss.


Designed for extended listening sessions, the HE400se is 30% lighter than comparable magnetic headphones, weighing only 390 grams. Adding to its comfort is a newly-designed headband and beveled hybrid earpads that also contribute to the headphone’s performance. With this design, varying thicknesses conform to the human skull, almost as if it is custom-tailored to each listener’s head.


The planar magnetic HE400se headphone is highly sensitive making it a perfect match for audio sources with low voltage like your smartphones or your tablets. There is no need to plug in an outboard amplifier to get a pure and rich sound. The HiFiMAN HE400se is a highly proficient headphone that leaves no stone unturned to offer excellent sonic performance.


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HiFiMAN HE-400SE MSRP €169 incl. VAT

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