Shanling M8 Digital Audio Player


The Shanling M8 is an Android based flagship-grade Digital Audio Player equipped with industry-leading chipsets, Dual AK4499 DAC Chipset, and many more latest features. We recently published an article on this Shanling DAP upon introduction.


Twister6 Review

Reviewer Wyville did al lot of research for the review of the Shanling M8. The reviews has detailed photos of the DAP, unboxing and specifies the technical background. Also the graphic user interface, the apps and usage of the DAP is fully explained. Of course some items on his wishlist will be in the short term future resolved as the gapless playback, but the conclusion of this flagship grade DAP is marvelous. The Shanling M8 gets well deserved praise from Twister6.


“Outstanding sound quality, powerful, very low noise level, great build quality, excellent screen, smooth operation, Google Play store support, highly versatile thanks to the interchangeable headphone socket” 


Wyville pairs the Shanling M8 with 64 Audio Trio’s, FiR Audio M4 and Vision Ears VE5. Furthermore this DAP is compared to the Lotoo PAW6000, which makes it quite interesting.  Please read the full review on the Twister6 website.


Headfonia Review


A few weeks earlier Headfonia posted already a video unboxing and review of the Shanling M8. Now the review is finalized with a detailed description of the sound quality, comparison to the A&K SP2000. Reviewer Berkhan did the unboxing video’s and the initial sound impressions of this DAP. It’s not just the musicality of the Shanling M8 that is striking, also on the technical side of the sound quality the M8 impresses too:


The most striking performance from the M8 comes in the sound-stage and separation departments. The instrument separation is just marvelous” 


Headfonia awards another Shanling product with a Recommended Component label, which is awesome. In het final notes, Berkhan sums it up nicely:


So how should I rank the Shanling M8? I would say it’s among the best. This is the first DAP that really impressed me for quite a while. Aside from its unmistakable sound presentation, it has a clean-cut Android software implemented with good features in a versatile environment. It has good battery life, build quality and design. It has a unique approach to headphone outputs, which I really liked”


Read the full review on Headfonia website.


Pricing/ Dealers

Shanling M8 Digital Audio Player MSRP €1699 incl. VAT

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