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FiR Audio created a complete new fun product strategy around the FiR Audio VxV. A refreshing way to attract attention to this product and great to see that Ear Fidelity loves the marketing approach. Story-telling is very important, but in the end the product is only defined by its built and sound quality. The Five x Five every day carry is one of those IEM’s that astonishes reviewers and users worldwide.


“Five x Five is the newest release from Fir Audio. It uses a 1DD + 4BA driver configuration, and its design is like nothing else on the market” 


The review from Ear Fidelity has great unboxing photos, shows a lot of details of the packaging before getting into the specifications of the VxV, from cable design, housing to the drivers. A very detailed review which covers all the bases as we know from this website. Sound quality again is described thoroughly and the conclusion sums it up perfectly:


“This is a remarkable IEM for your everyday listening sessions. Pairs with just about everything, sounds great with every music genre and could meet everybody’s expectations” 


Ear Fidelity compares the VxV with several models from Campfire Audio, such as the Dorado, Ara and Solaris 2020, next to the Vision Ears EVE20. When Pawel pairs the FiR Audio with Lotoo Paw Gold Touch he nearly has an epiphany. Read the complete review on the Ear Fidelity website.


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FiR Audio VxV MSRP €1099 incl VAT

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