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The Violectric DHA V380 is a  state-of-the-art D/A converter, balanced headphone amplifier and a pre-amp. The DAC has a 32-bit resampler / reclocker and two 32-bit D/A converters per channel and sits in the range just below the V590. The DHA V380 has a 5W amplifier at 50 ohm (21V into 600 ohms) with 4-pin XLR headphone output, next to two 6.3mm outputs. Three digital inputs give access to a true balanced DAC with 32-bits D/A converters, next to the two analogue inputs.


Twister6 Review


Reviewer Wyville from Twister6 is astonished by the grand quality of the DHA V380 and even makes him rethink his position on sound signatures when listening to this Violectric. The review starts immediately with the great aspects of the V380. Its neutral tone, stability, endless power, low noise floor and fantastic build.


After the unboxing, an in depth description of the technical aspects are given and simple leaves no stone unturned, comparing the V380 with its bigger sibling the V590. Ultimately it comes down to listening and straight of the bat, Wyville received an IEM which simply requires more power than the bigger DAP’s he currently has. In the end it does not always comes down to power, there needs to be a musical connection and the V380 delivers. Various IEM’s and full-size headphones, such as the beautiful Final D8000 have been used during the reviewing period.


“It is neutral and crystal clear while also thoroughly enjoyable thanks to a surprisingly pleasant and dynamic character. Personally, I absolutely loved every second I was using the V380 and I kept wanting to listen more, which I think is the best indication of how beautiful it sounds. It is just so thoroughly pleasant while performing at a very high technical level”


Please read the full review on the website Twister6.


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Violectric DHA V380 MSRP 2249 euro incl. VAT

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