Violectric V380²


Violectric V380² is a pre-amp with D/A converter and headphone amplifier. Under its hood the Sabre Technologies ES 9026 PRO chip set of which it includes 4 paralleled 32-bit D/A converters with an incredible dynamic range and lowest possible total harmonic distortion. On the back of the V380² it offers 2 analogue stereo inputs, unbalanced via RCA and 3 digital inputs, with up to 24/192 kHz capability next to the USB input that can decode up to 32 bit/384 kHz for PCM signals and DSD 64 – 256. On the inside this balanced V380² offers a lot of stability and power with four powerful amps offering 5000 mW Pmax into 50 Ohm and 21 V RMS into 600 Ohm.


Review AUDIO


AUDIO reviewed this Violectric headphone amplifier in the latest number 8 issue, with an incredible score of 130 (Uberragend). It’s conclusion, translated from German, reads:


“Rally and Race track!

Only the best driver master both, it’s a similar story for HiFi Developers when it comes to analogue and digital. Fried Reim manages the balancing act effortlessly. His creation, the Violecric DHA V380-2, is one of the very rare components that makes no compromise what’s in multiple applications- from D/A to Headphone Amp”  – Stefan Schickedanz – Audio 


The full review in PDF (in German) is available for download. 


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