HiFiMAN Updates Ananda with Stealth Magnet Technology


HiFiMan has updated the award winning Ananda to the latest version with Stealth magnets. Recently the Edition XS was already released with Stealth magnets just after the critically acclaimed and more high-end model Arya was updated.


As with the Arya, on the outside nothing has much changed with the Ananda. It remains to have the same design and hybrid suspension strap. Packaging has been updated to a much more eco-friendly packaging and the inside can be used as a headphone stand.


However the implementation of Stealth magnets does have some implications to the technical specifications of the Ananda headphone. The new Ananda Stealth magnets version has a weight of 440 grams, which is a bit over 40 grams heavier than the previous model. Also the impendance has become slightly lower to 27 Ω, which means that it is only slightly less sensitive than the previous model.


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HiFiMAN Ananda MSRP €779

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