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Meze Audio recently introduced a new earphone the Meze Advar. This gorgeous jewel is completely designed and built in Romania and is absolutely stunning to the eye and ears. Want to know more about this IEM, please read the introduction on our website. A new review was just published in Dutch HifiVideoTest magazine and we have the full review in Dutch in PDF.


HVT Review: Meze Audio Advar


The reviewer Ernst Neve has already seen many products from the Romanian company Meze Audio. From the introduction to the brand with the Meze 99 Classics, back in 2015 to all the headphones that are or have been in production. Ernst has reviewed with a lot of pleasure them and some might call him a fan. So with no surprise, Ernst really appreciated to review this new earphone. This article starts with a lovely look into some of the personal history and experiences of the writer, before the unpacking of the Advar starts.


Meze continues to amaze
What could now be noted as fact next to the high quality of the design, is the sound signature of the brand. Not only was that right up my alley, but also that of completely different lovers of music. All Meze products have that in common, they are seriously musical and have something ‘lively’ in them. Of course Meze made a special statement with the next two products. One product says: “I can be even better than the Empyrean”, and the other: “I could also be a little cheaper”. Then the Elite (4,000 euros) was introduced, similar to the Empyrean with even more finesse. Next to Liric (2,000 euros), a closed version with a slightly simplified version of the Rinaro diaphragm. It turned out that the name was not chosen randomly, I was nothing less than lyrical about it. Both models really outperformed their price range. Boom! Now there is your statement” – Ernst Neve – HVT


Eventually it all boils down to the sound quality and fit of the product. As a reminder, the fit of an IEM, but als the weight and the shape is crucial to the enjoyment of an earphone. Ernst feels that the high quality polished finish, the relatively small size and low weight all adds to the comfort. This makes you forget about wearing IEM’s and you just simply can turn your attention to listening to music. His conclusion finalizes the review:


“And the most beautiful part? I was sucked in by the music and never thought about the ADVARs. Having said that, my conclusion must be that I think it is very clever that the Meze sound signature is once again unmistakably present. It simply ticks all the boxes. And that bass and bottom end? Initially I was a bit confused about that. It provided a complete overall picture, perfectly balanced, warm, silky smooth, dynamic, tireless and addictive in the many artists and albums that followed those of Beyoncé and Lamar. Indeed as if you have been dancing the “Hora” for hours around a campfire. Madness! And what do the ADVARs cost? 699 euros. Yes, without a need to apologize, but that is simply a no-brainer.” 


Read the full review (in Dutch) in  PDF.


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