Introducing Meze Audio Advar Earphones


The Advar is Meze Audio’s latest in-ear model, featuring a solid stainless-steel chassis, with high-gloss Black Chrome plating, produced by metal injection molding, with CNC finishing. A silhouette inspired by natural patterns, a rock-solid shape that ensures the highest stability. The housing rests lightly on the ear and, together with the adjustable over-ear hooks, reduces discomfort during longer listening sessions.


Inside of the Advar is a 10.2 mm single dynamic driver which creates a warm, dynamic presentation that stays true to Meze Audio’s already established signature sound. It has a low impedance, making the Advar easy to drive with any device. ADVAR will be a new staple within the Meze product range, it provides a sound signature that immediately transports you to the performance of the Empyrean and Liric headphones.


A work of visual and sound art in its own rights, Advar is an audiophile-worthy IEM like none other, ready to unravel its mysteries piece by piece, with each listening.


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Meze Audio ADVAR MSRP €699 incl. VAT

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