Violectric PPA V790


The Violectric PPA V790 is a state-of-the-art phono preamplifier with absolute unsuspected features until now. It offers a huge variety of adjustments, easily accessible from the front panel and a newly developed extremely low-noise and distortion-less amplifier technology. Because of its multiple inputs, up to six differing cartridges may be managed in only one amp and individually treated in terms of impedance, capacity, gain and EQ. More about this phono pre-amplifier, including all the specifications can be found here.


Hifi Video Test Review


Marnix Bosman had the pleasure to review this beast of a phono pre-amplifier for the Dutch Hifi Video Test. The title of the review is already self-explanatory of the positive outcome, it reads: “Perhaps the last phono pre-amp you will buy”. Marnix starts the review with a little bit of history of the company that Violectric belongs to and continues with background information on Fried Reim, lead designer at Lake People. Quickly he returns to the important part of this review, its built, quality and of course the sound:


“The analytical precision and details in the mid and definition in the low end is remarkable… The availability of additional EQ curves next to the RIAA standard is every vinyl owners dream” – Marnix Bosman – HVT.


The full review (in Dutch) is available for download (PDF).


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