Violectric PPA V790


The Violectric PPA V790 is a state-of-the-art phono preamplifier with absolute unsuspected features until now. It offers a huge variety of adjustments, easily accessible from the front panel and a newly developed extremely low-noise and distortion-less amplifier technology. Because of its multiple inputs, up to six differing cartridges may be managed in only one amp and individually treated in terms of impedance, capacity, gain and EQ. A first review of this phono pre-amplifier in the latest magazine from HVT.



– 3 balanced stereo cartridge inputs via XLR
– 3 unbalanced stereo cartridge inputs via RCA
– 7 selectable impedances from 10 to 1000 Ohm (for MC cartridges)
– 8 selectable capacities from 22 to 1000 pF (for MM cartridges)
– 7 gain steps from +30 to +66 dB
– Clip indication to visualize incorrect operation
– 3 EQ filters RIAA, NAB, Columbia-LP
– switchable Subsonic Filter 20 Hz
– riple boost circuitry to perfectly adapt the amp into existing equipment
– Obviously all individual adjustments are stored


For each cartridge the input impedance, the input capacity, the EQ law, the subsonic filter and the output boost may be set individually. All this is done by clear denoted push buttons and displayed by white LEDs on the front panel. All settings are stored! The usual distinction between MM- and MC-cartridges in such amps was renounced. Instead, beneath “standard” cartridges also “MC High-Output” or “MM Low Output” can be treated individually by the wide and open gain adjustment from +30 to +66 dB.


The gain stages inside Violectric PPA V790 are DC coupled with cascaded bi-polar superfast input transistors for highest bandwidth, extreme low noise, lowest distortions and highest dynamic range. Don´t expect any coloration from this amp! Gain may be set in 7 steps from +30 dB (factor 30) to +66 db (factor 2000). A clip indication is in charge to avoid incorrect operation.


PPA V790 offers three DC coupled EQs. Beneath the usual RIAA filter, NAB and Columbia-LP EQs may be selected for “exotic“ recordings. The filter accuracy is 0,1 dB. A switchable subsonic filter helps to eliminate low frequency interferences. The Boost circuitry with 0, +6 und +12 dB settings is intended to adapt Violectric PPA V790 into virtually any signal chain.


HVT Review


Marnix Bosman had the pleasure to review the Violectric PPA 790 phono pre-amplifier. This unique phono pre-amp has many balanced and unbalanced inputs, so no cables have to be unplugged. A preview of this review is given on the website of HVT. The full review (in Dutch( can be read in the magazine, which is available at your local magazine shop.


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