Tape Connection – Dealer Spotlight


In this dealer spotlight we introduce the Tape Connection store, which is located in Højbjerg, just kilometers from Aarhus in Denmark. In a laid back atmosphere, you will find a wide selection of quality hifi and head-fi brands with experienced staff. This cosy atmosphere makes it easy to audition several brands in their listening rooms, to make the perfect choice to accompany you on a new or revived musical journey.


A large on-line store is one of the perks at Tape Connection. The customer has the choice to buy or ask service at both store fronts. Either way the capable staff is always eager to help. Tape Connection has the following brands from Dune Blue on demonstration: Burson Audio, Campfire Audio, Earmen, Final Audio, Hifiman, Meze, Shanling, Violectric, Rockna, Hifi Rose and Feliks Audio


Store Details:

Tape Connection
Søren Nymarks Vej 21
8270 Højbjerg
Phone: +45 86760806
E-mail: mail@tapeconnection.dk



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