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Meze Audio recently introduced a new earphone the Meze Advar. This gorgeous jewel is completely designed and built in Romania and is absolutely stunning to the eye and ears. Want to know more about this IEM, please read the introduction on our website. First reviews of the Advar are coming in hot, so the most important will be covered in this article.


Headfonia: Meze Advar


Berkhan had the honor to review the Meze Advar for Headfonia. Straight off the bat you can tell that this new earphone made a lasting impression on him:


“I’m impressed by the new Meze Audio Advar. Meze created a winner in many aspects here. The musical, high-end stereo system type of sonic experience separates Advar from its competitors.Whatever you throw at it, it pulls it off with excellent technical performance, a definitive and resolving nature with a smooth and balanced sound. It’s just flowing, silky, and natural” Berkhan – Headfonia. 


A very detailed review is made as we are accustomed to from Headfonia, from the unboxing and beautiful photos, to the detailed review of the sound character and technical performance. Berkhan compares the Meze Advar with its sibling the RAI Penta and comes to interesting conclusions. Further comparisons are made against the Soft Ears RSV and the well known Sennheiser IE900. Sennheiser is considered as a strong contender by many, but Berkhan states that: “Technically the IE900 is quite strong but to me, the Advar brings more enjoyment to the table” 


Berkhan awards the Advar with a Highly Recommended in the Best Universal IEM category. A great review for an awesome product, please read the full review on the Headfonia website.


Major Hifi: Meze Advar Review


Alex Schiffer from Major Hifi is well known with the Meze Audio brand and reviewed in the past also the RAI Penta and RAI Solo earphones, so he was also thrilled a new product was introduced. Let’s sum up all the positives:


“The amount of strength shown by the bass of the ADVAR is spectacular. It consists of this defiant slam that gives an immediate gripping tonality to its response. These bass accents give the timbre a powerful but controlled pop with tight punches of mid-bass drive….. Its sound signature is almost addictive with how much slam it can produce. It is such an energetic sound that has depth and rich character with a stylish design that balances aesthetic with comfort wonderfully. The ADVAR should be on your radar immediately, as I think it might be one of the most sought-after IEMs this year” Alex Schiffer – Major Hifi


Awarded with a Major Hifi Gold Award for this Meze earphone. Read the complete review on the Major Hifi website.


Headfonics: Meze Advar Review


Kevin from Headfonics had the privilege of reviewing the new Advar IEM from Meze. Directly in the unboxing you can tell Kevin is amazed by the quality of the finished product: “The attention to detail here is quite astonishing”. Moving on to the evaluation of the sound and comparisons to other competitors. Moondrop Variations and TinHifi P2 Plus. The Moondrop is quite different in setup than the Advar, with its 3-driver setup (12mm dynamic and 2 balanced armatures), the P2 Plus is a single dynamic 12mm driver, so although bigger in size, quite similar to this new Meze IEM.


Both have sonically a quite different approach then Advar’s, which gives its position in the quite saturated market of earphones much more stability. The conclusion of the review by Headfonics is one that commemorates the way the Meze brand is looking towards the future. Read the full review on the Headfonics website.


“The Meze Audio Advar is a powerful, and potent single dynamic driver IEM. This is a full-bodied, unapologetically fun IEM that caters to both sides of the audiophile aisle; the fun-chasers and the clarity-seekers” – Kevin from Headfonics


Youtube Bloom Audio: Meze Advar Review


A nice video review from Bloom Audio which covers everything you would like to see and hear from a new exciting product. From the unboxing, the glance at the build and design of the product to the review of the sound. Comparison is made with the Campfire Audio Vega, that is a similar earphone in terms of design, but quite different in sonic character. A very interesting and enjoyable video.





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