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Over 3 years in the making, but now it is finally here: Envy, the new flagship amplifier from Feliks Audio. A Class A headphones tube amplifier with a transformer-coupled balanced output and a solid-state rectifier. At the heart of its tube configuration is the legendary 300B power tube that gives this amplifier up to 8 watts of power.


Envy is available as with standard Electro-Harmonix 300B tubes and premium copper wiring or as a Performance edition with the beautiful Full Music 300B tubes and UPOCC single crystal copper wiring. This headphone amplifier has three inputs, of which one is XLR balanced. Furthermore one RCA output and one XLR balanced output is available, as the Feliks Audio Envy also is a brilliant pre-amplifier.


Inside the amplifier Feliks Audio has chosen to add a solid-state rectification resulting in a tight and punchy output. The two-stage pre-amplification is done by the CV-181-T MK2 power tubes and Jantzen coupling capacitors. Feliks Audio has chosen again for custom engineered output transformers from transformer specialist EDIS Ogonowski, which like Feliks Audio is based in Poland. Envy features a fully automated biasing and is designed around a zero feedback principle. Point to point wiring is found in the amplifier in the most efficient and effective way.


An important part of the Envy amplifier is the impedance selector that is located on the front of the amplifier. This selector controls the precise output voltage level to the headphone output. Please also note that the available voltage has been measured without a load. So the 16V (or 8W) maximum drops to 14V with a 32Ω output.  This means that there is roughly 4 to 5W available for 50-60Ω headphones. The impedance selection is divided as follows:


Lo – For dynamic headphones with impedance ratings from 16 to 60Ω. 2V max output (no load)
Mid – For dynamic headphones with impedance ratings from 60 to 300Ω. 9V max output (no load)
Hi – For dynamic headphones with impedance ratings from 300-600Ω and planars. 16V max output (no load)


The Envy weighs in at over 15 kg (without packaging), so please be mindful of your back when lifting. The dimension with the tubes in place are 35x33x24,5cm (LxWxH). Next to the Oak and Walnut finishes, also custom finishes are available for the Feliks Audio Envy, please contact us for the possibilities.



Pricing & Dealers:


Feliks Audio Envy Oak with standard 300B tubes MSRP €6499

Walnut finish: + €300

Performance Edition (Full Music Tubes): + €500

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