Violectric introduces the new HPA V550 and HPA V550 Pro


New to the already impressive product line-up of Violectric is the the HPA V550 and HPA V550 Pro headphone amplifier. These two new headphone amplifiers find their basis in the award winning Violectric DHA V590 excluding the D/A converter.


The HPA V550 and V550 Pro covers the analogue functionality, the perfect driving of any dynamic headphone and the outstanding pre-amp function which can be conveniently controlled using a stylish remote. The HPA V550 Pro differs to the V550 that it has a 256 step relais attenuation volume control. Not just a feature, but a high precision attenuator that maximizes the performance of this headphone amplifier for ultimate volume control and an even lower noise-floor.


Just as the Violectric DHA V590, the HPA V550 (Pro) is one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers in the market with the lowest noise due to a very small amount of internal gain, this makes the amplifier’s self-generated noise inaudible. This amplifier is ideally suited for high-impedance headphones deserving high output voltage swing, due to the 50V internal operating voltage.


The most demanding headphones can be powered with these Violectric headphone amplifiers, the 4 powerful amps output 6400 mW at 50 Ohm and 21V RMS into 600 Ohms. Due to the high damping factor and lowest output impedance these amps are an ideal match for diffecult to drive headphones, without the negative side effects and guarantee for an uncompromising frequency response.


The Violectric HPA V550 (Pro) has 3 analogue stereo inputs (2x RCA, 1x XLR) and comes with a stylish remote, milled from a solid piece of aluminum. The +/- 18 dB pre-gain will be a perfect match between source and headphone. The HPA V550 has 2 single ended headphone outputs with 6,3 mm jack, 1 balanced output with 4-pin XLR and can also be used as a pre-amp which features 1 x unbalanced via RCA, 1 x balanced via XLR via line-out.



Pricing/ Dealers

Violectric HPA V550 MSRP € 2499 (incl. 21% VAT)

Violectric HPA V550 Pro MSRP €2999 (incl. 21% VAT)

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