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64 Audio‘s first high driver-count hybrid, Nio is a universal-fit earphone featuring a 9mm dynamic driver and 8 balanced armature drivers. The Nio features the various technologies that are unique to 64 Audio: Tia, Apex and LID, which we will explain here below. Each ergonomic shell of the Nio is machined out of a solid piece of aluminum and finished with a striking blue abalone faceplate.


Tia – tubeless in-ear audio: A tubeless design that reduces resonance for a transparent and lifelike sound signature


Apex – Air Pressure Exchange: alleviates listener fatigue by releasing air pressure sealed in the ear canal. This venting enables musicians and music enthusiasts to listen more comfortably for longer


LID – Linear Impedance Design: Enables a consistent, reliable sound regardless of audio source.


Nio Review by Headfonics


Headfonics has reviewed many 64 Audio products in the past. You can read these reviews on their website. For this review the newly released Nio takes centre stage. The most interesting part of this article, next to the explanation of the tech, is their findings of the various tweaking options that are possible using Apex. Furthermore extensive comparison is done to 64 Audio’s Trio, Unique Melody MEST and Noble Audio Zephyr. The end conclusion with a 9.1 (out 0f 10) score:


“I rarely ever get a duff product from 64 Audio and the Nio is no different. It is perhaps the most ‘weighted’ or darkest sound I have heard from them to date but the technical capability of the Nio is excellent with a very enjoyable modern bass-heavy sound and a smooth almost euphonic timbre without any dreaded veil” 


Headfonics Review: 64 Audio Nio


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