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The 64 Audio U6t draws its sonic palette from the U12t and has the same groundbreaking technology as their flagship IEMs in our ergonomic aluminum shell to make it more accessible than ever. While looking towards U12t for sonic inspiration, the U18s influenced the new dark grey matte shell finish as well as its newly redesigned packaging and proprietary cable. More about the U6t can be found in this article.


Headfonia Review 64 Audio U6t


Headfonia and its editor Lieven, are very familiar with 64 Audio, he has also done the U18s review previously and luckily he is also upfront about his love for 64 Audio. This review for us boils down to the essence of the U6t:


All-in-all, the 64 Audio U6t has a very easy to like tuning and it plays well with all kinds of music and sources. It’s the kind of IEM that lets you enjoy your favorite songs without the technical side becoming too involved. It’s more about musicality in this monitor than it is about technical excellence” 


64 Audio U6t techWhen comparing this 64 Audio gem, Lieven of course pulls out the U18s from the brand as well. Next to the FiR Audio VxV and the MMR Gae Bolg, whereas the similarities of the FiR Audio earphones are quite obvious, but the Gae Bolg is really tuned very differently, so the latter will speak to a very different audience. The conclusion of this Headfonia review is:


“If you’re looking for a universal IEM situated on the lower side of the high end market and with the sound characteristics as described in this review, the U6t without doubt is one to put on your short list and listen to”


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Headfonics Review 64 Audio U6t


Headfonics has also quite some experience with 64 Audio and reviewed many of the IEM’s in the past. This again is a very comprehensive review, with a clear explanation of all the technology that 64 Audio has to offer. From APEX, LiD to tubeless design and Tia driver, everything is covered in this review. Marcus also elaborates further into detail about the description of the sound, timbre and staging.


“To use a popular euphemism, the U6t is ‘musical sounding’ with impressive bass power, good vocal presence, and a non-fatiguing treble that adds just enough sparkle to prevent everything from being rounded and flat sounding” 


Marcus has quite some 64 Audio IEM’s to compare with, but he starts of with the Custom A6 that was introduced around 2016/2017. The U6t is very different from this original by design, but when you get to the nitty gritty of the sound, a lot of similarities can be found as well. More comparisons are made with the slightly more expensive Nio, then the much more expensive Tia Trio. The end score of Headfonics for the U6t is a solid “9” out of 10 and the review ends with this conclusion:


64 Audio U6t - Headfonics

“I hesitate to say it when the U6t costs a bit over $1k but this is a great everyday carry and plays very well with just about any vocal-centric genre you throw at it. The fact it can be easily driven by most DAPs makes it all the more appealing. Very little to fault here” 


We recommend to read the full review on the website of Headfonics.


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