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Dan Clark Audio introduced the Noire closed-back headphone beginning of this year and it has been receiving great reviews across the border. The Noire was added to the ÆON 2 line-up with some additional changes. Aside from the change in colour, the Noire comes with perforated pads, this gently boosts treble and bass, in close accordance with the Harman target curve.  A wider soundstage with a natural timbre and colour are among the positive aspects of this change.


Review Tone Audio Magazine


Tone Audio Magazine is a leading on-line hi-fi magazine that can be downloaded for free. A lot of expertise in the area of traditional 2-channel presentations. Although not regularly they do review headphones and this time the Dan Clark Audio AEON2 Noire is up for review. Hooked up to a Manley headphone amplifier and Feliks Audio Elise, both tube amplifiers the music immediately clicked:


“Getting current, the killer bass line in Holli Dior’s “Gumby” is awesome. This track is infamous for making phones distort like crazy, but the AEON 2s just roll with it. Everyone has their preferences, but I love closed back phones for this reason. They always seem to have a little more grunt on the low end. You may crave something else, but the AEON 2s will impress you with your favorite bass heavy tracks”


The reviewer is not a head-fi specialist, thoroughly enjoys listening to music and has a lot of hi-fi experience under his belt and he is not shy to write this in his review.


Dan Clark Audio Aeon2 Noire“The lack of graininess and restriction the AEON 2s possess is spooky good. Thanks in part to their extreme comfort and light weight, with the cumbersome factor lifted, it’s so much easier to enjoy the music and not feel like I have a pair of cans (the tomato soup kind, not the headphone kind) on my head. I suspect that this will go a long way to entice a potential user. Even after hours of sitting in the chair listening while editing, these are lovely headphones” 


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Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noire MSRP €999 incl. VAT (standard Dummer cable)

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