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Final Audio has introduced the D8000 Pro beginning of last year. The D8000 Pro was tuned using the Air Film Damping System (AFDS) upon the request of recording engineers who wish to listen at louder sound volumes than ordinary consumers. The human auditory characteristic by which low frequency range becomes easier to hear as sound volume increases has also been taken into consideration. As a result, in comparison to the D8000 which is suitable particularly for classical music and other selections featuring a wide dynamic range, the D8000 Pro Edition provides sound quality perceived to be of higher clarity when listening to rock, pops and other selections that feature a narrow dynamic range.


Marcus from Headfonics recently reviewed the Final D8000 Pro and scored this reference headphone a 9.3 (out of 10)


“The D8000 Pro has a slightly sweet, clean, and airy tone with excellent separation that makes it an absolute joy for hardcore detail fans but just enough of a natural timbre to make it an enjoyable listen. More in the reference camp than musical but not a dry analytical experience” 


One of the key features from the Final D8000 Pro is the ability to do staging the right way. The neutral note, three-dimensional appearance combined with the fast attack and decay control makes it very precise in staging.


“It offers a superb level of headroom, sounding airy and clean without the treble being forced on you. This in turn allows the mids right down to the bass to sound airy with top-notch levels of instrumental separation” 


In the review, the Final D8000 Pro is compared to the Final D8000, Meze Empyrean and Rosson Audio Design RAD-0. Please read the full review on the website of Headfonics.


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Final D8000 Pro MSRP €3999 incl. VAT

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