FIR Audio M5 review


The M5 is the showcase of all the best technology FiR has to offer in the IEM space. The M5 has a dynamic driver for lows, 3 balanced armatures for midrange and highs and an electrostatic driver to assist the treble reproduction. FIR Audio is the first manufacturer in the world to implement the electrostatic drivers. The M5 features a tubeless design, paired with the 3rd generation atom (Air Transferring Open Module) pressure release system to provide the M5 with a cavernous, out of head soundstage and a pressure-free listening experience that is well suited to all professional and audiophile users.


Headfonics recently published a review of this reference model from FIR Audio. As always the review covers a lot of ground with regards to the background of the company, technical details and the specification of this IEM.  Marcus also points out that the FIR Audio M5 can be further tuned to your liking by selection of the ATOM filter.  Their description of the  M5 is a great punch line:

“it is an ‘old soul’ of sorts with a blend of gorgeously textured dynamic driver power and even-harmonic tweaked BA/EST drivers that gels really nicely with a wide range of genres” 


Headfonics scores the FIR Audio M5 a tremendous 9.2 average and finalizes the review:

“The M5’s calling card is the excellent bass tuning combined with a really nice harmonic balance and energy through the upper mids and treble. It does not try to push too hard to what I would call an extreme tuning being neither V-shaped nor a detail-orientated reference monitor” 


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FIR Audio M5 MSRP €2899

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