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HiFiMAN Deva is a Planar Magnetic Headphone that comes with an optional Bluetooth DAC/ Amplifier, the Bluemini, and which is able to punch some real volume. It has been released since March 2020 and since then has been a popular choice in an ever expanding personal audio market. Deva gives you the option to either connect wireless to the bluetooth dongle that can be snuggly fit to the earphone or to use the cable connection with a preferred amplifier.


The HiFiMAN Deva has been reviewed by many magazines and websites. We have selected some of these reviews in this article.


Headfonia review


Headfonia is known for their rigorously testing capabilities and this review is no exception. From the unboxing to the test for sound quality and comparison to the Ananda BT from the same company. Of course the much more expensive Ananda BT has the clear advantage over the Deva, but they have a lot of similarities.


The highlight of the Deva, as it was with the Ananda BT, is its excellent tonal accuracy. The instruments just sound marvelous and you let yourself enjoy the music. I also liked its coherency over the whole spectrum” 


The Deva made it on the Headfonia Recommended list, which makes it a clear winner! Please read the complete review of the HiFiMAN Deva on the Headfonia website.


Stereoplay review


The German magazine Stereoplay did a review of the Deva in their August 2020 edition of the magazine. One of the quotes that perfectly describes this review is:


“Large sound image, perfect balance over all frequencies, truly defines music” 


The end result of Stereoplay is 74 points for the HiFiMAN Deva and “überragend”. The full review in PDF is available for download.


Pricing/ Dealers


HiFiMAN Deva MSRP €349

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