Headphone Auditions Amsterdam – Dealer Spotlight


In the centre of Amsterdam Stefan Guertler runs the “candyshop” for head-fi and music lovers around the world: Headphone Auditions Amsterdam. Immediately when you enter the store, you get a true sense of the passion Stefan has for not just headphones and gear, but music as well. There is really so much “candy” as far as the eye can see and in every small corner there is something hidden that somehow you might just have missed looking at it the first time. Stefan’s motto “Just Listen” is visible throughout the store, but it is never “Just Listen”, simply because he will guide the customer into perhaps his first, second or many years of musical enjoyment.


Earlier this year Headfonia did their second visit to his store and in the interview that Lieven did with Stefan, his passion to educate the newest generation to music and better gear is simply, but eagerly expressed:


Also, to a generation that grew up on €2-earbuds and YouTube, Headphones provide an accessible entry-point into the world of a realistic sonic reproduction, aka HiFi. You should see the stunned, happy faces in my listening room – it is like handing glasses to a person who is not aware that they ever needed them… all of a sudden a tree is no longer a green ball on a brown stick but there are leaves, blossoms and even singing birds… – Stefan Guertler /  Headfonia interview


A long list of Dune Blue Brands are ready to “Just listen”: 64 Audio, Campfire Audio, Dan Clark Audio, Earmen, Enleum, Feliks Audio, Fidelice, Final Audio, FiR Audio, Hifiman, Lotoo,  Meze, Shanling, Violectric and Rockna .


Store details:

Headphone Auditions
Rapenburg 56 H
1011TZ Amsterdam
M: +31 683909266


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