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The Niimbus HPA US 5 Pro is a headphone amplifiers that offer nothing less than flawless signal amplification for any headphone. In addition, and this must be explicitly emphasized, this new solution of the Niimbus Ultimate Series is also intended to be suitable as a preamplifier. If you are looking to drive a high-quality dynamic systems or magnetostats, open or closed, high- or low-impedance headphones the Niimbus headphone amplifiers can be flexibly adapted to help any transducer achieve audiophile peak performance, according to the manufacturer’s promise.


These headphone amplifiers, from the sister company of Violectric – created by Lake People, rely on an innovative pre-gain setting with a wide control range from -18 to +24 dB, which ensures low internal gain factors and lowest noise at all headphone impedances. At the same time, the four powerful amplifier stages with an output power of up to 7,000 mW into 50 ohms and a lush output voltage of 32 V RMS into 600 ohms drive both high- and low-impedance listeners with equal aplomb. The low output impedance ensures a high damping factor, which, together with the elaborate power supply with two toroidal transformers and a capacitor capacity of over 50,000 µF, should ensure accurate transient response, maximum dynamics and minimal distortion under all operating conditions.


Niimbus HPA US5 Pro Review in Audio 12-2022


In the December issue of the German magazine AUDIO reviewer Stefan Schickedanz took a deep dive into the world of Niimbus with the review of the HPA US5 Pro. This reference headphone amplifier from the Ultimate Series became a true treat for the headphones he listened to during the reviewing period. The punchy bass, fluidness and flow of the Niimbus truly surprised him and gained much respect. His final verdict: If you want to drive a super headphone in a manner befitting its species, you will hardly find any alternatives to the Niimbus US 5 PRO in terms of sound”. 


Read the full review from AUDIO (in German) in the attached PDF.


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