iEar Show 2021 – Demonstration Dune Blue


Thank you for visiting the Dune Blue room at the iEar Show 2021. On this page we will publish all the headphones, amplifiers and sources that were on demonstration in the room per brand.


Meze Audio 


Meze Audio Elite – new flagship planar headphone €4000

Meze Audio Empyrean – open planar headphone €2999

Meze 99 Classics Walnut/ Gold or Walnut/ Silver €299

Meze 99 Neo €199



Meze Audio Empyrean PCUHD Silver upgrade cable starting from €349

Meze Audio 99 Silver upgrade cables starting from €119


Meze Audio Elite

Dan Clark Audio

Planar Headphones:

Dan Clark Audio Stealth – new flagship closed-back planar headphone €4099

Dan Clark Audio AEON2 Noire – closed-back planar headphone €999


Electrostic Headphones:

Dan Clark Audio Voce €3599



Electrostatic Headphones: 

HiFiMAN Shangri-La Sr €18000

HiFiMAN Shangri-La Jr €4473


Planar Headphones: 

HiFiMAN R10P Closed-back Planar Headphones €5500

HiFiMAN HE-1000SE Planar headphones €3499

HiFiMAN Arya Stealth Magnets planar Headphones €1599

HiFiMAN Ananda-BT Bluetooth planar Headphones €1199

HiFiMAN Ananda planar Headphones €799

HiFiMAN Sundara planar Headphones €349

HiFiMAN Deva planar Headphones €349

HiFiMAN HE400SE planar Headphones €169


Dynamic Headphones: 

HiFiMAN HE-R10D closed-back dynamic headphones €1349


HiFiMAN Arya - Stealth Magnets


Planar Headphones: 

Final D8000 Pro Planar headphones €3999

Final D8000 Planar headphones €3499


In-ear Monitor: 

Final E5000 €249

Final A3000 €109,99

Final A4000 €129,99

Final B1 €699

Final B2 €299

Final B3 €499


Violectric & Niimbus

Violectric DHA V226 €1299

Violectric DHA V380² €2199

Violecric DHA V590² Pro €3699

Niimbus US5 Pro €5499


Viva Audio

Viva Audio Egoista STX electrostatic headphone amplifier €13999


Rockna Audio 

Rockna Wavelight €4899

Rockna Wavedream NET €8499


Burson Audio

Burson Solist XP €1399

Burson Composer Performance €1399

Burson Conductor 3x Ref Balanced €2399


Burson Conductor



Fidelice Precision DAC/ Headphone amp €5600



Shanling M30 €3799



Lotoo PAW S2 portable DAC €279

Lotoo PAW6000 DAP €1299

Lotoo LPGT DAP €3099




Earmen Tradutto DAC €799



Feliks Audio


Feliks Audio Envy (prototype), MSRP estimate €6000


Feliks Audio Envy

Zähl HM1

Zähl HM1 Reference headphone mixing amplifier price t.b.a

Reference Amplifier with unprecedented transparency and precision, attention to detail and massive power performance. Rich feature set for both high-end enthusiasts and professional users. Designed and manufactured in Germany. Available March 2022, availability limited to 50 pieces worldwide.





We would like to thank AudioQuest for the amazing cables that we have used in our room. The following cables were demonstrated:

AudioQuest Blizzard Powercord

AudioQuest HDMI Fire

AudioQuest Diamond USB

AudioQuest Niagara 1200




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