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Meze Audio recently introduced their first dynamic open-back headphone today.  The 109 PRO headphone is a demonstration of their commitment to go beyond the faithful reproduction of sound. This new headphone is all about comfort. From the structural design of the headphone to the choice of materials, all decisions were carefully made to ensure the  highest standard in terms of ergonomics. Meze Audio combined sustainably harvested walnut wood, zinc, manganese steel and vegan leather in a comfortable, lightweight, highly durable structure. The first reviews and reactions of customers have been amazing, therefor we will highlight the most important reviews in this article.


Review Headfonia


Headfonia has reviewed many of Meze’s headphones in the past years and certainly gave them a “highly recommended” on most occasions. Reviewer Berkhan is more than familiar with the brand and after the unpacking and technical specifications of the 109 Pro, he almost dives straight into the sound quality.


“The quality of the bass is the most impressive part. Decay is great, recovery is excellent and the mid-bass area is just well-balanced without any excessive nature. This is just the right amount of bass quantity in my opinion. Since it has great quality too, I can easily say that this is one of the nicest-performing dynamic drivers I’ve seen in a while” – Berkhan Headfonia


Interesting comparisons are made in this review. The 109 Pro is compared with the HiFiMAN Edition XS, but more importantly Berkhan also compares it with the Sennheiser HD660S, which is a dynamic open-back headphone that many simply love.  Read the full review on the Headfonia website.


“The 109 Pro is good on details and also very good in terms of overall resolution and transparency. When you combine great micro detail ability, realistic timbre, good PRaT and coherent performance altogether, you get one of the best options in the market among dynamic driver headphones” – Berkhan



Review HIFI+


Alan Sircom reviewed the Meze 109 Pro for Hifi+ in their December issue. A brilliant review where Alan also applauses the designer for the driver that is used in this headphone. He states:


“That new driver is a realy honey, as it reacts super-fast and extremely precisely to the music playing through the headphones, and yet it does so without ever sounding bright or brash” 


We believe Alan captured the heart of soul of this headphone and the Meze Audio brand quite well. He understands that they create a sound that supports long-term listening. He could wear this headphone for hours at a time, thanks to the design of the headband and the inviting sound. A highly recommended verdict from HIFI+!


The full review is available to download in PDF. 


Bloom Audio: Youtube Review


Love that statement that Meze Audio just cannot make a bad headphone, because it is simply true. Bloom Audio goes into all the details of the Meze 109 Pro in this Youtube review. Youtube Review


A Youtube review, with additional measurements from the



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